Maxed Out Hair: Featuring Max Maddux

Max has 25 years experience at kicking hair's butt. He loves doing hair. He attends advanced classes to constantly refine his skills as well as teaching classes for other stylists, so he'll keep you on point with fashion. Max is a specialist in hair color, cutting, extensions, Brazilian Keratin Treatment. He's an educator for L'Anza so he's got smarts out the wazoo. He's a caring guy, so none of that "artist arrogance". You can be a young hottie, an old bat, a business man or woman, a day shift stripper, a flaming queen, a butch lezbo, a wingnut, a top, a bottom, a crazy cat lady, it's all good! Max loves doing YOUR hair. Your hair probably looks like crap right now. You got online to seek help. No need to worry your scroungy looking head about it anymore. Call Max! Or text, it's 2015 afterall. 702-743-1350 is the number. That will also be in the "Shout" section but we're putting the number here too incase you have a really short attention span. If you want to see some hair photos Max posts go like MaxedOutHair on Facebook. Or follow @MaxedOutHair on Twitter. Or @MaxedOutHair on Instagram. His goal is for YOU to feel happy, sexy and satisfied.
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